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How can your organization BENEFIT  from
Formmi's IAM program?

Save Money

A 10,000-employee organization typically spends over 5000** hours per year onboarding and off-boarding employees.

If this organization has 5 business applications accessed by each employee, it can save nearly $375,000* per year with a self-service password reset function.

* Assumption: Each identity will request at least one password reset per year per application. 15 minutes per request, @$30 per hour. ** Assumption: 10% churn in employees. Admin time spent is 30 minutes per request.

Increase efficiency and compliance

With manual processes, typical turnaround time for joiners ranges from 3 days to 2 weeks; and de-provisioning for leavers ranges from 1 week to never.


Your savings with IAM – Productivity increase for joiners and Zero audit findings for security compliance.

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