Single Sign-On (SSO) helps streamline access across multiple services using the same set of credentials. With SSO, organizations have the ability to centrally control access to services and incorporate additional security for specific users or services. 


Combined with SSO, Password Management ensures strong password policies, allows organizations to have a central password reset mechanism. 2-factor/ multi-factor authentication provides additional verification of an identity for additional security, using a combination of what a user has (device) or what they know (challenge questions). 


Privileged Access Management (PAM) ensures that users having privileged/ elevated access or shared accounts are monitored and audited continuously.

Identity Governance and Administration includes Identity Provisioning, which enables organizations to automatically create and disable user accounts in certain target applications by executing pre-determined policies.


  • Policy based provisioning helps automate the user account management process for organizational applications.

  • Eliminates delays in on-boarding new and off-boarding terminated employees.

  • Increases employee productivity, increases regulatory compliance and reduces resource requirements for user administration. 


Policy-based provisioning not only provides a mechanism for regulatory compliance but also provides an opportunity for operational cost savings.

Audit user accounts and corresponding application access for compliance with the organization’s policies. 


Access Recertification helps identify accounts having invalid privileges and allows for immediate corrections. This forms an important aspect of compliance strategy for most organizations.

This activity can be done independent of Identity provisioning, but an integrated IGA and Recertification solution provides organizations the ability to seamlessly implement account management policies.

There are a number of vendors providing just Recertifications as a micro-service and also others that provide a complete IGA and Recertification package.