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Got SWaM goals?
We can help.

Formmi Inc has been awarded the SWAM Certification (Small, Women Owned, Micro, Minority Owned) by the Virginia Department of Small Business and Supplier Diversity on April 10, 2019.   


SWaM stands for Small, Women-owned, And Minority-owned businesses. The SWaM certification program is a state program of the Commonwealth of Virginia. The purpose is to enhance procurement opportunities for SWaM businesses participating in state-funded projects.  Becoming certified through the Virginia Department of Small Business and Supplier Diversity (DSBSD) gives us certain preferred purchasing status with State Agencies .


Customers can utilize Formmi's Identity and Access Management implementation or assessment services to meet their organization's procurement/set-aside target from SWaM certified organizations.

How does this work?

State and local institutions (including State Universities) in many states have set asides or goals to procure a percent of their spending from SWaM certified vendors. Formmi’s services are eligible for set asides and for meeting specific SWaM spending goals.


Formmi, being SWaM certified in Virginia, can also participate in preference programs in the following states with no conditions:
Colorado • Delaware • Indiana • Kentucky • Maryland • Missouri • New York • North Carolina •Oklahoma • Pennsylvania • Rhode Island • South Carolina • Tennessee • Washington • West Virginia •Wisconsin


Formmi is eligible to participate in the preference programs of the following states with certain conditions:
Alabama • Georgia • Illinois • Kansas • Massachusetts • Michigan • Nebraska • New Hampshire • New Jersey • Oregon

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